12th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves
July 9-14, 2017, Hilton Hotel, Pasadena, CA
Caltech campus. (Image: Caltech)
Caltech campus (Image: Caltech)


The Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves is the premier forum for the fields of gravitational wave science and gravitational wave detection. Held biannually, the Amaldi meetings are organized under the auspices of the Gravitational Wave International Committee (GWIC), which oversees the scientific program for the meeting.

Amaldi 12 will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Pasadena, CA from July 9-14, 2017. This is the first Amaldi conference since LIGO and Virgo announced the detection of gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes into a single black hole. Unlike previous Amaldi Conferences that focused on anticipated gravitational wave science and detector development, this is the first Amaldi conference to examine the science arising from the LIGO-Virgo detections and the successful LISA Pathfinder mission, the precursor to LISA.

During the conference, the full range of gravitational wave science will be represented, including plans for the further development of terrestrial and space based detectors, as well as progress in pulsar timing arrays. Emphasis will be placed on the connection between gravitational wave science and the fields of observational astrophysics and multi-messenger astronomy, as well as in progress in modeling the waveforms for gravitational waves arising from various astrophysical sources, highlighting the stronger connection between experimental advances, numerical relativity simulations, and astrophysics theory.

Plenary Speakers

Chris van den Broeck, "Testing general relativity with gravitational waves"
Eugenio Coccia, "The Lasting Contribution of Acoustic Bar Detectors"
Karsten Danzmann, "LISA: Opens the low-frequency gravitational universe!"
Giovanni Losurdo, "The 2nd observing run: detectors, results so far, perspectives"
Michela Mapelli, "Astrophysics of black hole binaries: what is new after 3 detections?"
Brian Metzger, "Electromagnetic Counterparts of Compact Binary Mergers"
Vikram Ravi, "Pulsar timing arrays for GW detection"
Jocelyn Read, "Neutron stars: gravitational-wave sources with matter"
Sheila Rowan, "The future of ground based GW observatories"
Alberto Sesana, "The Long Vision of GW Astrophysics"
Suzanne Staggs, "CMB searches for Primordial GWs"
Public Lecture: Gabriela González, "Einstein, black holes and gravitational waves"

Scientific Organizing Committee

Bala Iyer (TIFR)
Beverly Berger (ISGRG)
David McClelland (ANU)
David Shoemaker (MIT, Chair)
Frederique Marion (LAPP)
George Hobbs (CSIRO)
Marica Branchesi (Urbino)
Martin Hewitson (AEI)
Maura McLaughlin (West Virginia)
Nobuyuki Kanda (Osaka)
Bangalore Sathyaprakash (Penn State)
Stefano Vitale (Trento)
Syd Meshkov (Caltech)

Local Organizing Committee

Syd Meshkov (Chair)
Eric Gustafson
Julie Hiroto